RentFax uses a credit-based pricing system to make volume discounting easy to achieve and for maximum flexibility in the use of 7 different report combinations.


RentFax reports are purchased using a pre-paid credit system rather than per-report basis. First, this makes volume discounts easier to achieve. It also allows for maximum flexibility in choosing among 7 different reports. The table below shows the cost of credits (decreasing with volume) and the quantity needed for each type of report. Any quantity of credits can be purchased, used immediately, or stored online for future use. If you have any questions about the reports, the pricing/credit system, or bulk order submissions, please contact us.


RentFax™ Report Structure & Credit Requirements

Reports & Credit Requirements RISC™ Score RISC™ Detail Rent Vacancy Operating Expense Income
RISC IndexRISC Index™ Reports
Risk Summary Report 2 Credits RISC Index
Risk Detailed Report 3 Credits RISC Index RISC Index
Rent RadarRent Radar™ Reports
Rent Report 3 Credits Rent Radar
Rent Package 5 Credits RISC Index RISC Index Rent Radar Rent Radar
Income outcomesReal Results Reports
ProForma Package 7 Credits RISC Index RISC Index Rent Radar Rent Radar Real Results
Income Package 8 Credits RISC Index Ico RISC Index Rent Radar Ico Rent Radar Ico Real Results Real Results
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RentFax Pricing Explained
RentFax- Affiliate
RentFax- Affiliate
RentFax- Affiliate

I have driven through multiple markets with the RentFaxPro heat map and have found it to be incredibly accurate. The subtle variation between streets, which the heat index picks up on, will give you a very in-depth look at the risks associated with the property you are considering.

Hunter Thompson, Cash Flow Connections
Setting Rents for Rental Property