RentFax combines deep real estate industry expertise with the technology experience to deliver a world-class suite of analytic tools.


Management and Advisory Team

Mike Wrenn, CEO

Mike Wrenn is the CEO of Affinity Enterprise Group, Publisher of Community Investor magazine, CEO of National Real Estate Insurance Group and Affinity Group Management, and a member of the Board of Directors for several insurance and real estate investment companies. An independent insurance agency owner since 1978, Mike’s knowledge of, and dedication to the insurance industry is exemplary. His insurance heritage goes back four generations to 1896 in Marceline, Missouri. Mike prides himself on investing and operating companies that not only help investors be more profitable, but also give them the education they need to be successful entrepreneurs. His intense passion to not only be successful, but also to change communities for the better, is unmatched. Mike holds a B.S. in Accounting and Finance from the University of Missouri.

Erica Ruzicka, President of RentFax

Erica is the President of RentFax, an Affinity Enterprise Group company. Erica holds a Masters in Business Administration from Baker University and a B.S. in Social Work from Bethel College. She brings over 15 years of experience in private and public companies, focused in business development and digital marketing. Most recently Erica has focused on sales, marketing and operational efforts that need execution, measurement, optimization, testing, with the goal of increased return on investment.

Eddie Wilson, President of AEG

He is the President of the AEG corporation and speaks at places across the country, including well-known universities on the topics of Branding, Marketing and Innovation in Business. Eddie graduated from The Ohio State University School of Broadcasting with a degree in Broadcast Sales and Marketing. He studied marketing at Georgia Tech and business management at Emory University. He is most known for taking a talk radio station in Atlanta to the level of “Most Listened To Station in the World” (Radio and Records Magazine, 2002). He has owned his own advertising agency and worked with clients, including Pepsi, P&G, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Mail America.

Scott Abbey, Co-Founder

Scott brings more than 30 years of experience as owner and manager of variety of real estate, service, and technology businesses. For more than two decades, he has owned and operated a full service Real Estate Consulting and Property Management company with a strong emphasis on residential investment property management. The strategies he developed to maximize returns and minimize risk of rental property portfolios led to the core insights and underpinnings of the company’s risk management and rental analysis products.

Shane Sauer, Co-Founder

Shane brings 15+ years of experience as an executive and owner of businesses ranging from residential construction and investment to the reconditioning and management of distressed loan portfolios. Almost his entire career has been spent utilizing his skills in engineering, analysis, and problem solving to minimize losses and maximize ROI in the financial and real estate sectors. His quantitative and process development skills have been instrumental in reducing complex analytical concepts to practical, simple metrics and streamlined reports. He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado and University of Kansas, respectively, and is a licensed professional engineer, general contractor and appraiser.

David Goberville, Advisor

David brings 20+ years of experience in management and marketing from a diversified career in investment banking, management consulting, real estate investing, and digital marketing. He has owned and operated many businesses including software, business opportunity licensing, digital marketing advisory, online publishing and others. A 20-year+ real estate investor, he is experienced in both private lending and the purchase, development, management and sale of commercial and residential income property. David holds an MBA in Finance and Strategy from the Anderson School at UCLA and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering at the University of Illinois.

James Rayhawk, Chief Technology Officer

Jim brings more than 15 years of deep technology experience as a software architect and senior developer. Working with a variety of enterprise software applications at large and small companies has given him vast expertise with all phases of the software development including application development, architecture/technical design, environment planning, functional testing, deployment, and support. Most recently he has focused on Java web-based applications and modules allowing Saleforce-based websites, rapid web application deployment, and web-to-print functionality. Jim earned a B.S. in Business and Mathematics and M.S. in Information Systems from the University of Kansas.

Background of  RentFax

Listen to Scott Abbey discuss the origins of RentFax™

RentFax- Affiliate
RentFax- Affiliate
RentFax- Affiliate

I was speaking with an investor from California who was buying properties in Ohio. The investor was considering three properties and couldn’t understand why we required a higher theft deductible on one of the properties when their realtor was telling them it was the nicest of the three houses. I provided a detailed RentFax report on that house and another house that scored rather high. After providing hard data to the investor, I asked them to go back and check with their realtor and find out what criteria they were using to make their determination, making certain the house wasn’t “nicer” just because of more recent updates. I took comfort that armed with hard data, the investor could challenge the Realtor’s assessment and make a better buying decision from 2,000 miles away.

Rick Abell, National Real Estate Insurance Group
Setting Rents for Rental Property