RentFax offers five Programs to support nearly any co-branding, multi-user, group discount, reseller, or affiliate income goals you may have.


RentFax offers five unique programs to help you take maximum advantage of our products. Our Affiliate, Co-Branded, Bulk Submission, Corporate Account, and Reseller programs allow you to: (i) earn commissions, (ii) promote your group, (iii) co-brand our reports, (iv) submit and retrieve reports in bulk, (v) allocate credits among multiple users, (vi) resell reports and data.  Please Contact Us to learn more about any one of these programs.

  • Co-Branded Reports Program

    Feature your company’s branding in the RentFax analytic reports that demonstrate your market expertise. RentFax reports can be co-branded with your name or company logo to increase your brand’s awareness with the recipient long after you make your presentation or deliver a report. (Click here for sample. Setup fee or minimum purchase applies.)

  • Corporate Account Program

    Large and small companies can help staff make faster, better, more profitable rental property decisions using RentFax’s corporate account functionality.  Corporate accounts feature an administrative user for one point of purchase, allowing allocation of report credits among users on the account.

  • API and Bulk Data Programs

    RentFax offers two options for users with significant volume requirements. We provide seamless API integration to existing dashboards, scoring models, and other cloud-based systems. We also accommodate one-off bulk submissions via flatfile (.csv or comparable file sent via email or FTP). All data submitted via API or flatfile generates online reports just as if entered through our online system, so that individual location reports can be accessed or reviewed as necessary.

  • Reseller Program

    Do you operate a business or website that serves real estate investors, lenders, property managers, or other real estate customers? Would embedding some or all of RentFax’s analytic data enhance your existing product or service? Could it create additional revenue for your business or website? Our API integration facilitates an easy on-demand request and transmission of our analytic data for resale through third parties. Please Contact Us to explore this opportunity today!

RentFax- Affiliate
RentFax- Affiliate
RentFax- Affiliate
Partner Programs Explained

We screen our deals with RentFax. Not only does the RISC index provide a view of the risk associated with the neighborhood, but it also provides predictive analysis of the performance of the investment. The higher the value, the higher the stability of income generated from the property.

Dan Brewer, Bridge Capital Management

As a corporate customer, we are able to assign multiple users with one administrator disturbing and monitoring our credit purchases and usage. I found that most users get a good feel for how the RISC scoring system works after running reports on just two addresses.

Rick Abell, National Real Estate Insurance Group
Setting Rents for Rental Property