Property Management Software: How it can help you?


Property managers are one of the busiest species on this planet as they are responsible for managing tenants, their requests and lots of other tasks. To ease their burden, the inventors have introduced a new category of software known as property management software.

This software is capable of managing more than just properties. It makes your life easier by helping you manage more day to day and mundane tasks without spending too much energy on them.
These mundane tasks include:

  • Collecting the rent
  • Managing maintenance calls
  • Managing records
  • Managing reports, and more

Apart from managing these common tasks, the software offers many more saddle advantages.
These are as given below:

Maintaining the books
Imagine your life without Excel. Do you think it would be havoc? No, not exactly because with the property management software you can have the complete financial picture of your business within minutes along with all the financial reports you may need.

Receiving the payments
You can receive all your payments online with the property management software and no one will be able to claim that they have paid you the rent when actually they did not. The property management software will do all book keeping of the records and invoices.

Maintenance Requests
If there happens to be any maintenance request at the odd time you can respond it to via the internet at any time of the day. The notification will be pushed immediately to your phone to decrease the time lapse.

Information accessibility
They have migrated from desktops to laptops and now to mobiles. Property management software’s are now accessible from any device and you no longer need a laptop to do your job on them and your information is always available to you.

Screening of new tenants
With the latest property management software you are able to automate the process of listing the vacancy and screening the tenant via background and credit history check and once it has become the tenant all the information can stored and maintained at the same place that will benefit you, your business and the tenant.

Depending upon the property management software you are using these features may differ but all in all this technological wonder is worth investing time and money.
One of such viable software is SimplifyEm’s property management software. The software offers many of the above mentioned features along with added advantages like affordability and ease of use. The software is definitely worth trying of. Just give it a shot and see for yourself.


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