REI Expo Brings Texas-Sized Real Estate Speaker Lineup to Dallas

REI Expo

We’ve all been told that everything is bigger in Texas.

When it comes to the lineup of all-star real estate speakers at this weekend’s REI Expo, the nationwide trade show and expo for real estate investors promises to deliver its largest ever lineup of trainers and educators this coming weekend in Dallas. I should know since I’m one of them, and since my last name begins with the first 2 letters of the alphabet I’ve got, well, “top billing” (click here).

With 80+ class sessions over two days, there is something for everyone at the REI Expo, even a veteran like me. RentFax will be exhibiting on the trade show floor while my partner Shane Sauer and I will be speaking both days, too. That doesn’t mean, however that we don’t plan to check out the speaker lineup and slip into a session or two that we want to attend.

On Saturday, Shane and I will be deconstructing the rental property due diligence process. However, we don’t plan on focusing on financial statements or property inspections, which represent the typical approach. We will examine the third leg of due diligence, location due diligence, and provide insight on more than 20 elements that many investors miss because they don’t know why, how or where to look for the information.

On Sunday, Day 2 of the REI Expo, Shane and I will perform “The RentFax Challenge” on several pairs of deals, showing how investors, lenders, and property managers can make better, faster, and more profitable investment property decisions using state of the art tools and data. We expect to showcase deals from investors, lenders, and even note buyers. We’ll even discuss how a national property insurer is using the RISC™ Index and how it may impact your insurance premiums.

If you live in, or can make it to Dallas, we’d love to see you at the REI Expo – at our booth and at either of our presentations. If not, we hope to record these presentations and offer them here on our blog, technology permitting. Have a productive and profitable week.

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