How to Properly Tenant-Proof Your Rental

Sometimes, the tenant simply clicks with the landlord and everyone lives happily ever after. Most of the time, the war between these two parties rages from the moment they sign ...Continue reading →

How to Maximize Your Rental Income with Renovation and Decoration

Dealing with rental properties, just like any other business, requires some investment, as well as a few bold moves on your part. However, to maximize your rental ...Continue reading →

Five Biggest Trends in Property Right Now

The real estate market continues to evolve and we keep seeing new trends emerging on a daily basis. However, there are also some trends that have been around for a ...Continue reading →

Have Your Tenants Get Renters Insurance!

Almost every landlord has insurance on their property, but many landlords underestimate the importance of renters insurance. Some rental unit owners aren’t aware that they can require their tenants to ...Continue reading →

5 Strategic Videos that Will Revolutionize Your Real Estate Marketing

Youtube hasn’t just been home to the “crazy cat video” for quite some time.

The same YouTube that hosts those ...Continue reading →

5 Factors That Will Have an Influence on Potential Tenants

Attracting good tenants that are compatible for the place you are renting while giving you a good payment can be tricky. How can you do all that? Well, there are ...Continue reading →

5 Ways To Help You Confidently Set Fair Market Rents

Whether you own or manage one rental property, or hundreds of rentals across the country, you need to be able to set fair market rents confidently.  If your rent is ...Continue reading →
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