How Lower Rents Can Create Higher ROI

As counter intuitive as the title may seem, many have found that lower – not higher – rents can improve residential rental property financial returns. As a property manager / ...Continue reading →

How to be an Outstanding Property Manager?

Whether you earn you’re living by doing something that you love or have a regular 9 to 5 jobs, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the category that you ...Continue reading →

Location, Location, Risky Location?

Using data, predictive analytics, and experience to reduce the financial and management risks of residential rental property BY SHANE SAUER RENTFAX™ Here is a story I like to share, because it is so ...Continue reading →

The RentFax RISC™ Score: The Purpose, The Components, and The Application

In this short video, the Co-Founders, Scott Abbey & Shane Sauer explain the RentFax RISC Score. They lay out the purpose of the score, how it was put together, and ...Continue reading →

The RentFax Challenge: Make Better Decisons about Rental Property Investing

On January 23-25, 2015 RentFax participated in the REI Expo, a gathering of 1000+ real estate investors in Dallas, TX. This post shares a video of the presentation delivered by ...Continue reading →

Rehabbing Buy & Holds for Maximum Rentability

I am a buy and hold landlord. And most of the properties I buy to hold are in some sort of distress. They are foreclosures. They have been trashed by ...Continue reading →

Why Use a Property Manager for Single Property

You have a single property and the idea of hiring a property manager may sound a bit intimidating at first; but, to be honest, the worth of a property manager ...Continue reading →
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