11 Tips to Find the Best Neighborhood to Live In

I’m no stranger to moving. My wife and I have moved four times in five years, all due to her educational track (and eventual employment). With each successive move, deciding ...Continue reading →

Setting Market Rents for Rental Property: Rent Radar™ Finds, Adjusts Best Comps, Narrows Rent Range

When determining your rent price, how do you make sure your not underestimating or overestimating your profit? If you are soliciting sources that provide an exact rent, it is clearly not ...Continue reading →

Tenant Screening: Get the Right People on the Bus

In 2001, Jim Collins authored one of the biggest blockbuster business books of all time. It was called Good to Great, and in it Collins laid out seven traits of ...Continue reading →

Sued by a Tenant? How to Resolve It in a Single Conversation

In the real estate business, sometimes you get sued. Perhaps you screwed up, or perhaps it’s bogus, or perhaps it’s a bit of both. “A bit of both” is what faced ...Continue reading →

A Market Study: Why Should Someone Live in Your Locale?

Real estate buyers and renters are the engines that drive all of the profits in our real estate investment business. When they get a loan to buy your house or ...Continue reading →

How to Analyze Rental Property Comps: Why Proximity / Distance is Inferior to Neighborhood

When examining rent comps, whether to set rent amounts or otherwise,  do you assume that the rental comparables closest to your subject  represent the BEST comps? If you do, you’re not ...Continue reading →

Real Estate Deal or Dud? How to Tell a Diamond in the Rough from Fools Gold

What investor doesn’t want to find that “Killer Real Estate Deal”? Many scour the nation looking for investment opportunities that promise unprecedented profit and success. Unfortunately, the thrill of the ...Continue reading →
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