How to compare 2 investments in the same market

One of the most common uses of the RentFax RISC™ index is for the analysis and direct comparison of two investment opportunities in the same market.   In this ...Continue reading →

How to identify investment target areas in any market

A key challenge faced by many real estate investors is finding out just what areas in which to invest. In this video, RentFax co-founder Shane Sauer discusses how ...Continue reading →

Is it Better to Invest Money in Real Estate or the Stock Market?

Mark Ferguson of Invest Four More wrote a great article asking a very common question, "Is it Better to Invest Money in Real Estate or the Stock Market?" (I'm sure ...Continue reading →

How to choose properties suited to your investment “lifestyle”

  The RentFax RISC™ Score is of tremendous value in assessing the likelihood of volatility with a given investment. This income volatility is what unexpectedly transforms properties that were ...Continue reading →

Top 48 Real Estate Investment Blogs

If you are involved in real estate, whether buying, selling, rehabilitating, financing or flipping it is incredibly important to stay on top of current topics that can help to ensure ...Continue reading →

5 Smart Strategies for Real Estate Investing

Jeff Adams, the real estate investing expert wrote an excellent entry on his website about the 5 smart strategies for real estate investing.  This article is copyright ...Continue reading →

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