Generate property-specific proforma income and analytic reports instantly by entering the property's address, beds, baths, and size.


Real Results is a powerful new tool in the RentFax arsenal for residential real estate investing.  As a "Pushbutton Proforma", it literally fetches the data needed to compile a property-specific proforma income statement and builds it. Drawing on important data from the RentFax RISC™ Index and Rent Radar™ modules, it also uses data such as property taxes and property management rates and runs 10,000 discrete rental case simulations to provide the most probable rental income for a specific property.

Benefits and Uses

  • New in 2014, represents the only "Pushbutton Proforma" available online today for rentals
  • Aggregates all data for a proforma: rent, vacancy, taxes, insurance, & management fees
  • Incorporates RISC™, rents, and other variables to show the most probable rental income
  • Intelligent analysis that considers and factors in the natural correlations between inputs
  • Prefer your own analysis software? ProForma Package provides all the data you need

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RentFax- Affiliate
RentFax- Affiliate

When I first heard of Rentfax last year, I was a bit doubtful to say the least. After 30 years and banking, I know the value of a manual underwriting. However, I have found and heard many others profess how valuable it has become as a screening and validation tool for private lenders and investors.

Larry Muck, American Association of Private Lenders
Setting Rents for Rental Property