Predict and compare how demographics, crime, schools, and other location-based data affect your residential investment property risk.


The Rental Income Stability Composite (RISC™) index is the nation’s first and only location risk score for residential income property. Ranging from a low of 1 to high of 100, the RISC score offers a fast and simple metric for the relative impact that demographics, crime, schools, economic and other location-based data have on the stability of income generation from residential rental property. Applicable throughout the United States, the proprietary analytics of the RISC index utilize real-time feeds from the country's leading data providers.

RISC Index Benefits and Uses

  • A single composite index for comparative evaluation and screening of rental properties
  • Used to rate the relative income stability of residential properties in all areas of the U.S.
  • Provides predictive information for property selection, income analysis and management
  • Summary and detailed reports allow for initial screening and deeper factor analysis
  • Interactive heat map provides color-coded RISC™ comparison of nearby neighborhoods
  • An address-level RISC™ comparison against local (MSA) and national (USA) averages

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RISC Index Explained
RentFax- Affiliate
RentFax- Affiliate
RentFax- Affiliate

Many realtor sites provide some information at the zip code level and leave the user to making a determination of the quality of that zip code. RentFax provides a much better scoring system and narrows it down to the census tract level. We now have the ability to quickly and cost-effectively assign a risk factor to our properties.“

Rick Abell, Affinity Group Management
Setting Rents for Rental Property